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Friday, 20 May 2016

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I've been fabric shopping. Again. Well that's what happens when The Fabric Store has its 30% off sale. Its also what happens when you need some boiled wool to make a Tessuti Sydney Jacket for a friend in exchange for their graphic design services (clearly not in use here as yet). Its especially what happens when you also have your eye on their new Brooklyn coat pattern. So off to The Fabric Store and Tessuti we went, pausing only for a quick brunch and to feed the parking meters.

I must admit I was very restrained at The Fabric Store. I only bought one piece of leather! That said it is a gorgeous piece of burgundy leather embossed to look like crocodile. The colour here looks much browner than it actually is. Its a deep red-winey red.

Its destined to become a handbag. Probably a small shoulder bag that I can throw my wallet, keys and phone in for those rare nights out.

Then on to Tessuti. We needed to pick up some boiled wool and being in Surry Hills already it was a no brainer. Last year I made two Sydney Jackets for myself, one black one a grey-green. I can't find the black one anywhere! I also made one for my sister in law in the same grey-green for her birthday. She's one of those women that look amazing in drapey layers. Last years boiled wool was very light and drapey. The ones they have at present are much thicker and deliciously squidgy. Picking it up to take it to the cutting counter was like cuddling a bear! Much more body to it and too thick for my friend for everyday wear which was a shame as she had her eye on this beautiful charcoal colour. instead she went with the same grey-green that I used this year. The colour looks much better on her.  

I, on the other hand, have a strong affinity for all things red and I just couldn't resist this bit of loveliness.
Image from Tessuti fabrics

Brooklyn coat here  I come.

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