The one with a dare (and a pair)

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Hello out there on the interwebs! Gillian from Crafting a Rainbow has announced #SewingDares! Anyone can join in, just leave a comment and a link and Gillian will dare you to make something. I thought it was high time I jumped in the deep end with the lovely online sewing community so I threw my hat into the ring (is that too many metaphors for one sentence?).

Gillian had a look at this blog (insert me grinning at myself stupidly) and dared me to make something from my list with bonus points for using my Cone Mills denim or Liberty print. Its going to have to be the Liberty print (more on that in a sec). The only question is Concord Tee or Appleton dress? Any thoughts?

The reason I can't use the denim is that it has already been turned into Ginger Jeans. I'm wearing them as I type this. I haven't managed proper pictures yet but here's a peak at my favourite feature.

Yep its an ECG! I've worked in cardiorespiratory physio for many years and I'm a bit of a nerd. It really bugs me when you see a heart rhythm symbol somewhere and its not accurate, so this one is. well maybe the P wave is a little wide. I'm SO pleased with how these have turned out and they were nowhere near as hard as I thought they might be. I fully interfaced the pockets to add stability, traced the ECG onto so tear away interfacing and slowly and carefully topstitched.

Of course this has lead to many corny names for this pare of jeans. Heartbeat jeans, With Every Beat jeans and my favourite, my ECGeans. Its also sparked the idea that with subsequent jeans I could use different (and potentially dangerous) heart rhythms on the back pockets. I think ventricular fibrillation could be next.

Farewell for now,

Cheshire Cat.

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